10 Advantages of Pocket Coil Mattresses

If you suffer from sleep problems caused by medical issues, such as body pain and other physical ailments, then it’s time to make changes to your sleep experience by replacing your old mattress with a pocket coil mattress.

Pocket coil technology has become a front-runner in effective mattress innovations. Due to its individual springs, it can support each section of your body, thus providing orthopedic support. Pocket coil mattresses have gained an excellent reputation for being a practical investment in aiding common physical ailments. Aesthetically, they are a luxury item in your bedroom as they are made with top quality products. This type of mattress offers several benefits that promote a good sleep experience, compared to regular mattresses. Let’s explore the top 10 advantages of pocket coil mattresses.

  1. Individualized support
  2. Pocket coil mattresses are unique creations because they are made with springs that provide structural support to your whole body’s spinal alignment and various sleep positions. As well, they come with an extra layer of comfort. The top layers of foam act as a space-filler that accommodate your body, which other mattresses lack. This kind of structure helps alleviate ailments in sleepers who suffer from chronic pain, such as sciatica.

  3. Breathable and cool
  4. If you suffer from night sweats, a pocket coil mattress can solve that problem. Pocketed coils make way for airflow throughout the bed. Throughout the night, the airflow enables a cooler sleep, as the top of the mattress circulates cool air. It reduces night sweats and creates a cooler sleep experience.

  5. Luxurious sleep experience
  6. Underneath the mattress, pocket springs are individually cushioned with luxurious padding that makes it comfortable. It gives the top of the mattress a cushioning effect that is not only attractive to the eyes, but also gives you an added touch of luxury and helps you relax.

  7. Provides pain relief
  8. Since pocket coil mattresses are made with the combination of pocket springs and foam, they provide full-body support. They can alleviate body pain in the specific pressure points where your body stores the most tension, such as the back, neck, and shoulders.

  9. Improves your quality of life
  10. What’s better than getting the best sleep night after night for years to come? Sleeping on a pocket coil mattress delivers just that. We like to think that better sleep improves the quality of your life. You’re well-rested to face the world every day, and you know that after a hard day’s work, you can go home and sleep comfortably. Getting enough sleep gets rid of ailments and soothes away illnesses. Trust us, a pocket coil mattress is a miracle worker; everything in your life improves, and you’ll be able to enjoy things a lot more with less stress.

  11. Great investment
  12. The best part of having a pocket coil mattress is that it is a practical investment because of the quality materials it is made from. You won’t break the bank because you won’t have to replace it every 5-7 years to purchase another mattress. Even if you invest in a lower-cost pocket coil mattress, it will be a better long-term investment over a regular mattress.

  13. Super comfortable
  14. Another advantage of pocket coil mattresses is that they are super comfortable. The fabric that wraps around each coil is designed to minimize pressure points for ultimate comfort. Imagine how comfortable you will be while watching TV or reading a book. You won’t ever want to leave your bed!

  15. Firm support
  16. Every coil in the mattress reacts to each of the contours in your body. This allows your body to fill in the gaps of your sleeping position. The firm support it provides adjusts to your body’s movements and positions, and it simultaneously enhances the support by decreasing pressure points within your body.

  17. Extreme durability
  18. Pocket coil mattresses are more durable due to the coil design that allows the pocketed coil units to last longer than regular mattress types. Since they last longer and have less wear and tear, you can depend on its durability for years to come.

  19. Better dreams
  20. A lot of people say they can’t remember their dreams when they wake up because they didn’t sleep well. Once you start sleeping on a pocket coil mattress, you’ll become a dream weaver!

    Let’s explain a little about how sleep affects your ability to dream. There are 5 stages in the sleep cycle.

The fifth and final stage is called rapid eye movement (REM). In this phase, you dream because your body is immobilized into a deep rest; however, your brain is bursting with energy. It’s also important to reach the REM stage, as this is when your body heals itself (think of warding off the flu or a cold).

Since pocket coil mattresses promote deep sleep and relaxation, you are more likely to spend the REM stage in dreamland. Once the REM sleep ends, this signals your body to start “waking up.” That’s why many people notice that when they sleep on pocket coil mattresses, they wake up completely refreshed and have clear memories of their dreams. How amazing is that?

If you don’t believe us, keep a small notebook and pen on your night table as a dream log book. After waking up from sleeping on a pocket coil mattress, jot down all the details of your dreams. You’ll be astonished at how many dreams you can recount.

Bottom Line: Pocket Coil Mattresses are a Heaven-Sent Creation in the World of Sleep!

As you can see, having a pocket coil mattress can improve your sleep experience into a state of dream bliss. So, in the long run, investing in a top-quality pocket coil mattress is cost-efficient because it will last longer and stay sturdier than the average mattresses. As well, your quality of life will improve due to a better quality sleep resulting from the alleviation of physical ailments that often come with sleeping on a regular mattress.

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