4 Great Tips on Selecting a Natural Organic Mattress

Are you looking for a new mattress?

Getting a good night’s sleep is critical to your health and well-being, and having the right mattress is an essential part of that. When you’re ready to start looking for a new mattress, why not consider an organic one?

The world is becoming more eco-conscious, and people everywhere are making choices to have a healthier lifestyle, such as buying organic food and “greener” cleaners. Another great eco-conscious trend is organic mattresses, which offer a winning combination of natural materials and no harsh chemical treatments.

You can find organic mattresses in all sizes (from twin to king) and price ranges. We’re here to help guide you on this journey—read on for some of our best tips on selecting an organic mattress!

Select a Mattress Made of Organic Materials

One of our best tips for choosing an organic mattress is to make sure you select one made out of natural materials. By selecting a mattress made out of organic materials, such as cotton or latex, you can avoid fabrics that have been harshly treated with chemicals. Non-organic mattresses can be treated with chemical flame retardants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Organic cotton is cotton that hasn’t been bleached or dyed with anything that isn’t organic. To be truly organic, all parts of the mattress must be organic (top, fill, and backing). The great thing about cotton is that it is highly breathable. This means that it will keep your body cool and dry at night.

Organic cotton is also naturally resistant to mould and mildew, allergens, and even fire. For all of these reasons, organic cotton is widely used in hospitals.

Organic latex is an excellent choice for an organic mattress. Organic latex is made from the bark of the “Rubber Tree” and offers the following:

  • It’s environmentally friendly because it’s derived from a sustainable resource and isn’t treated with harsh chemicals
  • It breathes well, so your mattress always stays nice and cool
  • It’s mould and mildew resistant and offers great antibacterial properties naturally. Latex rubber is produced by rubber trees as protection against the microbes in their environment
  • It’s great for anyone with allergies, as organic latex rubber is naturally resistant to dust mites

Look for Wool as a Natural Fire Retardant

Another best tip for organic mattresses is to look for a natural fire retardant. Instead of the harsh chemicals that are used in non-organic mattresses, organic mattresses use a wool wrap. Wool wrap (or batting) makes a cotton or latex mattress softer and acts as a natural fire retardant.

Make sure that the wool has been treated naturally or that you can access it in some way in order to clean it. Organic wool needs to be cleaned at least once a year either by hand or on the delicate cycle in the washing machine.

Pick an Organic Mattress Without Springs

Another best tip is to avoid springs in your organic mattress. A spring mattress can act as a home for all kinds of things that can cause an allergic reaction or make you sick, such as mould and mildew.

One of the biggest issues with springs is that they attract dust mites, which over 50% of allergic asthmatics are sensitive to. So, organic mattresses without springs are a great choice for anyone with allergies. Think of how great it would be to wake up without a stuffy nose or watery eyes!

Consider How Much Support You’ll Need

Natural latex can offer you just the right amount of support you need. It’s firm, but also flexible. It’s excellent for anyone with joint pain (such as arthritis or bad knees), as it both supports your body while also gently moulding around it. And since natural latex is so firm, you don’t need to get an extra mattress topper to provide additional support.

Organic cotton mattresses don’t break down, but they can get lumpy over springs. However, as we suggested earlier, you’re going to want to avoid springs if you can! You may find a cotton mattress easier to get used to, as they are more similar in feel to “traditional” mattresses. As you continue to use your mattress, it will compress to fit your body.

What can Mattressville offer me in the way of organic mattresses?

Mattressville can offer you a wide variety of organic latex mattresses. Our organic mattresses have many great features, including:

  • 100% natural latex, certified by various organizations including the first global standard for organic latex: Global Organic Latex Standards (GOLS)
  • They are certified organic, and free of pesticides and chemicals
  • They contain no harmful substances or fillers
  • Natural latex is an excellent form of cushioning material
  • Our mattresses are hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial, meaning they are excellent for anyone with allergies
  • They are extremely durable, flexible, and resilient to mould and dust mites

We know we have the perfect latex mattress just waiting for you! Check out our full list of Mattressville organic latex mattresses to find your mattress.

The Bottom Line

An organic mattress can offer you many great benefits beyond a good night’s sleep! We’ve given you some of our best tips on how to pick an organic mattress:

  • Go for a natural material, like organic cotton or latex. Both cotton and latex are mould and mildew resistant, are breathable (keeping you nice and cool), and are environmentally friendly
  • Look for a wool wrap or batting; it acts as a natural fire retardant
  • Avoid springs, as they can cause issues with dust mites collecting on them
  • Consider how much support you’ll need from your mattress

At the end of the day, you can have an eco-friendly mattress that you know is safe and provides you with the support and comfort you need.

Sounds great, but how do I get started?

At Mattressville, we’re eager to help you get started! To learn more about how we can help you find the best organic mattress, call us today at 1-888-841-0905 or contact us here.

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