6 Myths About Mattresses

When it comes to mattress shopping in Toronto, where do you begin? With various brands and mattress types, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with each of its benefits and price points.

Since choosing the right mattress is a very big investment that will affect your quality of life for years to come, you definitely don’t want to make a spontaneous decision, only to later realize it’s not the ideal mattress for you.

You might think it’s a good idea to start asking your family and friends about the mattress they have and what they like about it. However, don’t be surprised if each person will have a completely different take on their mattress. Soon enough, you will be hearing all kinds of outrageous myths about mattresses. So, what should you believe?

Here, we’ll give you the lowdown on 7 common myths about mattresses you shouldn’t believe.

  1. Latex mattresses are natural
  2. For those who prefer eco-friendly and natural materials, a latex mattress will seem like the ideal choice because the theory is that it comes from a rubber plant. Yet this isn’t completely true, as not all mattresses are produced with natural latex.

    Manufacturers have the tendency to use synthetic rubber that comes from mixing petroleum products with a set of chemicals to save money. If you have skin sensitivities and allergies, choosing a latex mattress isn’t an eco-friendly choice as your skin might break out due to the chemicals.

    If you decide to go with a latex mattress, be sure to check the tag to see that it is made with 100% natural latex.

  3. One size fits all
  4. Another myth is that one standard-sized mattress accommodates all body types. This is not true. Someone who is over six feet tall and over 200 pounds will need a bigger mattress compared to someone who is 130 pounds and is short.

    Take into account your body size, and if you will be sharing the mattress with someone else. Evaluate your sleep habits before choosing a size. For example, if you sleep on your side, you will need a medium density mattress. On the other hand, someone who is a back sleeper will need a mattress with added back support.

  5. The more expensive the mattress, the better it is
  6. Not exactly. The most expensive mattress doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best on the market. Again, you have to take into account your sleep preferences and understand the differences between the densities of each mattress. You can find a good quality mattress within your budget that will fit your sleep needs without breaking the bank.

  7. You don’t need to rotate your mattress as the seasons change
  8. Did you know that rotating your mattress 3 times a year prevents it from steeping and sagging? As well, rotating your mattress every 3 months keeps it balanced. A good way to remember this schedule is to rotate the mattress at the beginning of January (think of it as your New Year’s resolution to get better sleep during the wintertime). Welcome spring with its second rotation at the beginning of April. Usher in summer with a rotation at the beginning of July. Fall back to sleep with another rotation at the start of October. Then, start the rotation schedule again in January.

  9. Treat back pain with a firm mattress
  10. This is a myth that needs serious debunking. If you have back problems, sleeping on a firm mattress will make it worse. Here’s why. The spine curves in an S-shape and curves inside when you lie down. The spine is thought of to be straight when, in reality, it’s curved. If you sleep on a hard mattress, your spine is going to get strained, which will exacerbate back pain. The solution for sleepers with back pain is to purchase a medium density mattress. This type contains the most weight in the middle of the mattress. The added weight supports your spine, thus giving you a good night’s sleep.

  11. Mattresses don’t need to be cleaned
  12. Any home furnishing can be cleaned, and a mattress should be on the list. This myth is false, and we actually recommend cleaning your mattress every season. You can kill two birds with one stone by incorporating cleaning your mattress when you rotate it every season. If you can’t clean it every season, aim for at least twice a year.

    We recommend steaming your mattress rather than vacuuming it. Steaming will kill any dust and surface bacteria accumulated over time. But be sure not to sleep on it right away. You need to spend one night sleeping somewhere else in order to let it dry overnight.

At Mattressville, We Debunk all Myths Surrounding Different Mattresses!

As you can see, there are many myths about mattresses that are simply not true. So, in the long run, investing in a good quality mattress is affordable, as you don’t need to buy the most expensive mattress to get the best quality of sleep. What’s important is to evaluate your sleep needs and physical ailments that affect your sleep experience. Then, choose a mattress that can help alleviate your back or body pain and give you the added support you need.

If you would like more information on latex mattresses or our wide selection of mattresses in Toronto, Mississauga, and the GTA areas, call Mattressville at 905-212-7722 or contact us here.

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