Adjustable or Regular? Which Mattress Type is Right for You?

It’s a debate that many homeowners across the country are having as they attempt to choose the new mattress for their bedroom. Do we choose one of the adjustable beds for sale in Toronto or do we keep to sleeping on a regular mattress? Before making the decision it’s important that you know the differences between the two styles and the advantages that each type of mattress can bring to your home. Here’s where our experience in the marketplace can benefit you. In this post, we’ll explain the differences between an adjustable bed and a regular bed and help you come to a decision about the right product for use in your home.

What is an Adjustable Bed?

It’s first important to consider what we mean by adjustable bed. An adjustable bed or adjustable mattress is a product designed with three adjustable bases that can be lowered and raised according to the user’s comfort needs. It was originally designed for use in healthcare facilities in order to help patients recovering from injuries but adjustable beds are now used by homeowners across the country to achieve high levels of sleeping comfort.

What are the Benefits of An Adjustable Bed?

If you’re considering adjustable beds for sale for your Toronto home, you should learn more about the advantages they’ll bring to your home. The benefits of adjustable beds include:

  • Optimal for pain relief and recovery

For those with severe back pain, an adjustable bed can help to alleviate some of the pressure and the pain within the spine. The use of the three adjustable segments ensures that the bed can be positioned according to your spinal health requirements. This means that you can achieve optimal blood flow while sleeping and minimize the potential for aggravating current injuries.

  • More convenient for sitting in bed

An adjustable bed is designed so that it’s more comfortable for the user to sit in bed. If you prefer to read in bed before you go to sleep, for example, this can be a great option for you as it helps to relieve some of the pressure on your neck and spine as a result of sitting up in your normal bed.

  • Comfortable for both partners

The adjustable bed can also be configured to meet the needs of both you and your partner. The split-style design of the adjustable bed allows one person to have their mattress area arranged according to their spinal health and comfort needs, while the other person can do the same on their side of the bed. This means that there will be no more fussing over pillow placements and no more sleepless nights while your partner tosses and turns on their side of the bed. Both of you can now achieve your optimal sleep.

What are the Benefits of a Regular Bed?

Now that you have a little more information about the benefits an adjustable bed can bring to your home, it’s important to compare these benefits with regular beds. Regular beds offer the following benefits compared with adjustable beds:

  • Easier to assemble

Your regular bed will be easier to assemble within your home. It can be added without having to take much take to consider the integration process. This means you’ll save time adding the bed to your property while also mitigating the need to utilize a professional installation team to integrate the bed within your home.

  • Affordable

Another benefit of choosing a regular bed is that the bed is more affordable than adjustable beds. This can be an important consideration if you don’t quite have additional room in your budget for a new bed but want to add a new sleeping area within the home. It’s important to consider the value of the bed beyond the price when selecting new options for your property.

  • Limited maintenance needs

Another clear advantage of regular beds is they don’t have any moving parts within their structure, which means the ongoing maintenance for the bed is expected to be very minimal over the long-term. For those who don’t take on many maintenance tasks around the home, this can be a leading benefit when comparing regular beds with adjustable products.

Questions to Consider When Choosing Between Adjustable and Regular Beds

Now that you have more information on the differences between regular beds and the adjustable options within the marketplace, it’s time to review the questions that will help you come to a decision on the right bed to add to your home. These questions include:

  • What are my current and future needs?

While a regular bed might suit you for this year and next, what about three years down the line? Your long-term comfort might depend on your choices now, and so it’s important to take adjustable beds into consideration to mitigate future back pain issues.

  • Which companies should I buy from?

Oftentimes the quality of the company you buy your bed from is the decisive factor in the value you achieve when adding a new bed to your home. When reviewing the options, make sure you speak with current customers of the company and review current feedback to determine brand quality.

  • What’s my budget?

Make sure that you set a firm budget when buying a new bed for your home. Setting the budget now will help you in making decisions about the latest options, and will ensure that you have a select few products to review in finalizing your decision. Your budget should take into consideration your comfort needs and the pricing within the current marketplace at the three leading vendors in your area.

Our trusted and experienced team at Mattressville can help you to make effective choices regarding the right mattress for your home needs over the years ahead. We’ve worked with clients throughout the region with a diverse range of needs and can respond to all requirements with precision and a focus on the quality adjustable and regular beds for sale through our Toronto team. To learn more about our company and the full range of products we offer, please contact us today.

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