The Benefits of Hybrid Mattresses

The importance of a great night’s sleep cannot be understated. But many homeowners are not using the best mattress for their comfort needs. Our team at Mattressville has spent many years helping store clients choose the right mattress and with our latest post, we’re exploring the many benefits of hybrid mattresses.

What is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress is made from more than one material and is usually associated with products that have a coil support system along with a quality material, such as memory foam. When you’re buying a hybrid mattress, it’s important to speak with the seller about the unique materials within the product because there is no one standard hybrid mattress on the marketplace. However, most products will include a combination of the following elements:

  • A comfort layer that includes memory foam
  • Cooling products such as a gel
  • A pillow-top to provide additional cushioning
  • A steel coil to limit the level of motion transfer

What are the benefits of hybrid mattresses?

There are a number of clear benefits associated with hybrid mattresses. The traditional coil system and memory foam help offer the following:

  • Comfort for those that sleep on their side

The hybrid mattress is designed to help provide comfort for people that sleep on their side. It’s a design that protects the most vulnerable parts of the body during rest. The shoulders and the hips are protected to ensure a greater level of support.

  • Reduced motion transfer

Another clear advantage of hybrid mattresses is the reduced motion transfer delivered through the system’s unique design. The coils are designed to absorb much of the movement within the bed, minimizing the transfer of movement to the other side. This means that, for those with partners who move a lot in their sleep, they can achieve a restful night regardless of the movement beside them.

  • Variety of firmness options

Because of the depth of options across the market, you can select the ideal level of firmness you require from your hybrid mattress. This is ideal for those that have specific requirements for their mattress. It’s also important you work with a specialist such as Mattressville to learn more about the firmness of the mattresses and to choose the perfect option for your home.

  • Comfortable contouring

The contouring of the mattress is a key consideration when choosing the latest option. Hybrid mattresses are ideal in this regard because they’re designed with a contour that matches the natural shape of the spine, elevating the comfort level of the mattress considerably. It’s part of the reason so many homeowners are now investing in quality hybrid mattresses.

The Questions to Consider When Choosing a Hybrid Mattress

With the information about the benefits of hybrid mattresses highlighted, it’s now time to delve into the questions to consider when choosing a hybrid mattress from a local specialist. Consider the following questions when you begin shopping:

  • Are the coils pocketed or encased?

Whether the coils in the mattress are pocketed or encased makes a significant difference to the quality of the hybrid mattress. If the coils are encased, it can significantly minimize the amount of movement you experience from the other side of the mattress as your partner moves around.

  • What type of foam does the mattress use?

You should also consider the type of foam used within the mattress. There is a broad range of foam products used by the leading manufacturers and it’s important to select options that match your requirements. One of the best options is high-density foam, which is designed to offer the optimal level of comfort for all types of users.

  • What is your preferred sleeping position?

The answer to this question will play a key role in the ideal type of mattress for you and your comfort needs in the long-term. If you’re a side-sleeper, you’ll require a mattress that can conform to the shape of your body in order to protect your hips and shoulders. If you tend to sleep on your back, you might require a mattress that offers a higher level of support, but provides some softness in order to cushion the tailbone as you sleep. For those who sleep on their stomachs, a firmer mattress is usually the optimal choice. That’s because if you sleep on your stomach, and the mattress is too soft, it can place a lot of pressure on your back. Opt for a firmer contoured mattress to provide the ideal restful sleep.

  • Do you have specific sleep issues?

It’s also important to consider whether you have any sleep issues that might be preventing you from achieving the optimal level of sleep. For example, those with a high level of lower back pain might require a mattress that provides them with more support as they sleep. Many find it difficult to achieve comfort throughout the night, and a hybrid mattress could be the best option for mitigating sleep issues over the long-term.

Turn to Mattressville for Quality Products

Our team at Mattressville helps clients find the best mattress for their home requirements. We have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of clients across the region and have helped thousands choose mattresses for their home. Clients turn to us because we offer:

  • Access to the best brands in the industry

Our team can offer you access to the best brands in the industry to support your comfort over the long-term. We work with the leading researchers to find out which companies offer the best performing products, and then ensure quality products are continually added to our company catalogue.

  • Affordable pricing

We’re committed to offering the most affordable pricing across the local mattress marketplace. We can help you to save hundreds of dollars on your mattress while ensuring you select the best quality option for your home.

  • Trusted experts

Our mattress sales team has years of industry experience and can help you to pinpoint the right product, whether you’re a side-sleeper or a stomach sleeper. We can answer your questions and introduce you to a full range of hybrid mattress options.

To discover more about our company and our complete product and service selection, call us today.

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