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It is a fact that children grow up very fast. The clothes that we buy them seem to shrink by the day. Still, we want what’s best for our children, so that they can grow up healthy and strong and start a family of their own someday.

The goal, then, is to find a mattress that is suitable for their size that will be comfortable so that they can get a good night’s sleep. You also want a bed that is durable so that it won’t sag and break after a year or two. Here, we review the best mattresses for kids and toddlers that you can purchase at a mattress store in Toronto.

Galaxy Sunset Firm Euro Top Mattress

Manufactured by Galaxy Bedding, the Galaxy Sunset Euro Top Mattress provides superior quality for children and toddlers while also being low on price. It is also designed and developed in Canada and provides maximum support. That is, the mattress will actually mould to fit your child’s body as they sleep at night. As such, as your child gets older and bigger, the mattress will mould accordingly to accommodate their increase in size and weight; this makes it an ideal mattress for young children, as you will save significant amounts of money in the long term. Moreover, the high-density foam base provides superlative support and is very durable, and the state of the art high resilience foam boasts superb pressure relieving capabilities.

The goal with the Galaxy Sunset Firm Euro Top Mattress is to provide the quintessential support for the body, so that the child will adopt the best sleeping position. That is, the child’s spine will be properly aligned as they adopt the best sleeping position, and blood circulation will also be improved with this top of the line, premium quality mattress. Furthermore, the body will be able to recharge and heal every night as they sleep, as the mattress will redistribute surface pressure as well as the weight between the bone and skin areas of the body, which includes the elbows, hips, and back. In sum, it is recommended for all sleeping positions and also has a warranty of 5 years.

Galaxy Original Memory Foam Mattress

The Galaxy Original Memory Foam Mattress will distribute the weight of your child evenly in order to relieve the pressure on their body while they sleep. As such, your child will be provided with the “ultimate” support as they sleep soundly. Another great feature that each Galaxy Original Memory Foam Mattress includes is impressive pressure point relieving support. Each unit also includes state of the art bio-foam that is very resilient. Moreover, the memory foam is viscoelastic in nature and also highly dense.

The end result is the perfect sleep scenario, as your child will enjoy the best of both worlds. That is, they will enjoy the perfect combination of support and comfort so that they can enjoy a good night’s rest before a hard day of school the next morning. Their spine will also be kept in its natural alignment, as the viscoelastic mould will form to their body shape, thanks to the open cell structure of the foam. It will also work with any slat, platform bed, or box spring, and the rollback is also compressed for simple and effective handling. The Galaxy Original Memory Foam Mattress also boasts a beautiful bamboo cover and includes a two-year warranty. In sum, the top of the line mattress boasts a high-density foam that is super soft, a comfort foam that relieves pressure, and a high compression bio-foam.

Tempurpedic Tempur Impulse Medium Mattress

This mattress is truly a marvel to behold and boasts superb plush comfort as well as impressive adaptive support. A very soft mattress, this mattress is highly recommended if your child has sensitive skin or requires a very soft mattress in order to sleep well. The Tempurpedic Tempur Impulse Medium mattress is a premium quality mattress, with all the bells and whistles, so if you are on a tight budget then the aforementioned two mattresses by Galaxy would be a better option.

The patented Tempur material that is found in each mattress will adapt to your child’s body: This will allow them to sleep comfortably while also enjoying comprehensive support. The material will adapt to their every curve so that your child won’t stay up at night, tossing and turning, in order to find the best sleep position for them. In other words, any painful pressure points that used to keep them awake will now be minimized thanks to the cutting-edge mattress. The material will actually contour to your child’s individual shape and body type as the material will help relieve any pressure they may experience at night.

The advanced fabric cover also provided unrivalled temperature control. The phase change material will keep your child nice and cool, and is actually cool to the touch. It draws heat away from the body and will keep it dry as well. In sum, this mattress is recommended for all sleep positions and also comes with a ten-year warranty.

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