Best Mattresses for College Graduates

College is a magical time for parents and students alike. It’s a step in the direction of adulthood, independence, and responsibility. Most college students can count on their parents to send over their childhood bed from home or are lucky enough to have a mattress supplied by campus. Once college is over, however, what do you do about bedding?

Mattresses should be updated every 7 to 10 years, depending on the make and quality. For most college students, this means you’ve had approximately two mattresses in your lifetime. By the time you graduate, you’re likely in need of something with more structural integrity and comfort than the old faithful mattress you grew up with.

So, which is the best mattress for college graduates in Toronto, especially those living on a budget? At Mattressville, we see our share of young adults putting down roots and looking for a mattress to start with. Many graduates are juggling student loans and looking for full-time jobs in their chosen field, leaving their budgets tight. Here are some of the top mattress brands and models to choose from.

Stress-Reducing Support

Being a graduate means you’re finally out in the world pursuing your dream job. It also means working your way up from the bottom. This can be stressful, and nothing relieves stress like a good night’s sleep. For stress-reducing support, our recommendation is the Galaxy Classic memory foam mattress. Nobody has time for tossing and turning to find the “sweet spot.” The Galaxy Classic provides an adaptable 2-inch layer of Visco memory foam over a 5-and-a-half-inch layer of resilient foam, all wrapped up in organic cotton channel quilting. Every spot is the sweet spot on this bed.

It’s not the cheapest mattress you can buy, ranging from $638 to $1,299, but it’s also not the most expensive. And, it’s certainly less expensive than weekly massages to work out the kinks from an uncomfortable bed.

A contender for the best mattress that a college grad in Toronto should purchase, the Galaxy Classic isn’t just well-cushioned, it’s also easy to move from a dorm to an apartment, or from the store into your home. It’s a great fit for the working college grad. Besides, this mattress practically pays for itself in Zzzzs.

The Bed in a Box Factor

Being a graduate is a major accomplishment, but there are still bills, loans, and other finances to consider. When measuring value for money, nothing is better than a bed in a box. It gives you all the support of a luxury brand without the heavy lifting or price tag. One of the bed in a box options to check out is the Springwall Windy Memory Foam mattress. It sells for $749 to $993 and comes as a twin, full, or queen size.

The Springwall gives grads the comfort of a 1-inch Visco gel layer with an added 5-inch layer of bio-foam. An added insulator pad keeps you from overheating or getting cold through the night, and it’s roll pack-compressed to transport and unpack without any muss or fuss.

This is an excellent mattress because you can use it with any bed frame, whether it uses slats or a box spring. That helps alleviate some of the added cost of buying a new bed to go with your mattress.

For the Inconclusive Sleeper

Not sure whether you prefer to sleep on your side, stomach, or back? Or, maybe you’re a combination sleeper who moves around or you find yourself often waking up too hot through the night. For those of us who need a mattress with adaptive support, we suggest the Galaxy CoolMax Syros Gel Memory Foam mattress. The CoolMax fabric in this mattress contains unique fibres which allow breathability, keeping you cool at night.

This mattress ships to your door for convenience, is affordable and is soft yet firm. With a combination of gel infused foam, it moulds to your body shape to create the perfect blend of support for any position, you can sleep however you like without missing a wink.

Affordability for Grads

Mattresses aren’t always cheap. In fact, some mattresses cost $7,000 or more. For a college grad in Toronto, this isn’t always feasible. Affordability is a major goal when choosing a bed. At Mattressville, we understand how frustrating mattress shopping gets for those on a budget. To make shopping easier, we’ve streamlined our website to rank products from the lowest to highest price, or vice versa.

For a high-quality product with an economical price point, we often suggest the Mattressville Tight Top model. This bed costs $285 to $1,079, which is perfect for a variety of budgets. It uses core technology with a 416 tempered continuous coil, a double insulator fibre pad, and a ½ inch comfort quilt layer of foam for extra softness. Buy the Tight Top mattress in a twin, double, or queen size, and you’ll find that it compares with more expensive brands like Sealy and Simmons without comparing it in cost.

Call the Experts

Mattresses are one of those things that boil down to personal taste. No matter how many reviews you read, it helps to check out a mattress store in person and test them for yourself. Before choosing a bed for your new place, be sure to ask about return and exchange policies, as well as warranties. Being a grad, you know all about measuring odds and minimizing risk. There’s no better way to ensure you get the best possible night’s sleep than by knowing what you’re buying before you buy it.

Are you still wondering which is the best mattress that a college grad in Toronto can buy? At Mattressville, we love shop talk, and our shop just so happens to be filled with mattresses. Our team is well-versed in the pros and cons of a variety of mattress brands, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have. Call us today at 1-905-212-7722, or visit us online for a look at new mattresses near you.

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