Your Mattress Could be the Reason for Your Back Pain

For someone who has consistent back pain, you might think that relaxing into a bed could be just what the doctor ordered. However, in some cases, you may wake up the next morning only to find your bac

How Your Unhealthy Sleep Habits can Lead to Unhealthy Eating Habits

A solid night’s rest is essential for more than one reason. By clocking those seven to nine hours of sleep, you give your body time to repair itself. This allows you to remain mentally sharp, reduce

How Adjustable Beds Can Help You Stop Snoring

Sleeping with someone who snores can cause sleepless nights, not to mention stress between you and your bed-mate. Many people overlook snoring as an annoying but unavoidable part of sleeping, not real

Mattress Selection: Finding the Right Firmness for You

Why Mattress Firmness Matters Choice overload is a common experience during the process of researching for and purchasing mattresses. With thousands of mattresses available on the market, the consu

Consistency Is Key When It Comes to Your Sleep Pattern

It is common knowledge that getting your eight hours of sleep per night is necessary for health and vitality. Other than the obvious physiological benefits, the feeling of being properly rested boosts

Comparing the Top Three Memory Foam Mattress Technologies

Popularity of the Memory Foam Mattress In today’s market, the memory foam mattress is a very popular option. Memory foam mattresses offer a high customer satisfaction rating compared to other typ

This Adjustable Bed Promises Sleep Nirvana

Do you often wake up on the wrong side of the bed? With a majority of our lives spent tucked in, it’s no wonder that poor sleep quality can have a negative effect on day to day life. At the end of a

Purple vs. Tempur-Pedic: An In-Depth Comparison

Founded in 1992, Tempur-Pedic is a long-time industry favourite when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Credited with the creation of the Memory Foam Mattress, it’s hard to believe that any

6 Tips to Clean Your Pillow-Top Mattress

After a long day, we look forward to a good night’s sleep. However, nobody wants to sleep on a dirty mattress. This is especially true if you eat in bed, don’t change your sheets, and don’t rota

How You Know You’re Buying the Best Mattress for You

Do you toss and turn in your bed at night wondering why you can’t fall asleep? Do you wake up tired and grumpy? It might be because of your mattress... According to a study, adult Canadians gener




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