Six Tips for Choosing the Best Mattress for Back Pain

Back pain can be unbearable and many times your mattress plays a big role in how you feel. If you wake up with back pain, it is likely your mattress isn’t the best one for you, but it is not always

Adjustable or Regular? Which Mattress Type is Right for You?

It’s a debate that many homeowners across the country are having as they attempt to choose the new mattress for their bedroom. Do we choose one of the adjustable beds for sale in Toronto or do we ke

What Size Mattress Should You Buy?

Making the decision to buy a mattress from your local Toronto store may take some time. There are many elements to consider: how firm do you require the mattress to be? What material should be the mat

Firm or Soft: Which Type of Mattress Is Right for You?

There’s no substitute for a good night’s sleep. You need close to eight hours a sleep per night to feel your best. And if you’re not using the right mattress, you may find that your sleep is int

What Is a Bed-In-A-Box, and Is It Right for You?

When it comes time for a new mattress the choices can be overwhelming. There are countless models and types to choose from and consumers can get confused about what they really need. This is where bed

Best Mattresses for Seniors

As we get older, sleep becomes more important and the quality of our mattresses can contribute to relieving the aches and pains. What the body needs from a mattress can change over a person’s lifeti

What Is the Future of the Mattress Industry

Changing the Way We Sleep For an industry that barely saw any change or disruption for decades, there sure have been some interesting developments in the last few years. From mattresses delivered to

Why You Should Buy Your Next Mattress Online

Testing a Mattress In-Store Although the idea of buying a mattress without testing it may seem foolish to some, testing a mattress in a retail store may not be as beneficial as you think. Yes, gettin

Things to Consider before Buying a Mattress

Deciding on which mattress store in Toronto to go with can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of different mattresses to choose from, with different materials, sizes, and price points. There is al

Best Kids/Toddler Mattress

It is a fact that children grow up very fast. The clothes that we buy them seem to shrink by the day. Still, we want what’s best for our children, so that they can grow up healthy and strong and sta




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