Can an Adjustable Mattress Help with Back Pain?

Back pain a rising issue for a number of reasons, predominantly related to our change in work habits. Most of us spend hours hunched over a desk completing work either at home or at the office. This can mean that we experience significant back pain when trying to sleep at night. One common question we encounter is, “Can an adjustable mattress help me with my back pain?”. In this latest post, we’ll attempt to address this question and explain more about the value one of the many adjustable beds for sale can bring to your Toronto home.

Propping Up with Pillows a Limited Option

While some back pain sufferers have tried to support their back with a pillow and have used pillows to prop up their legs with the attempt to mitigate spine pain issues, this solution is not effective in the long-term. Since we tend to move a lot during sleep, the pillow will simply slide out of place when you decide to switch from one side to the other. While you might get to sleep just fine when you have a pillow supporting your back, you will wake up in further back pain as a result of sleeping in a position that places further pressure on damaged muscles and bone. Choosing an adjustable bed is the best solution to the issue of trying to sleep while suffering from back pain.

Yes, an Adjustable Bed Can Help

The first thing you should note is that an adjustable bed can provide you with relief from your back pain over time. The adjustable bed can be maneuvered into various positions to help support your back and prevent you from laying in unnatural positions as you sleep. One of the reasons many people are selecting adjustable mattresses for their back pain is that the mattress can be used to help you sleep in an inclined and upright position. Rather than laying flat on a normal mattress, you can use the adjustable mattress to match the natural curve of your spine, limiting the pressure on your back as you sleep.

An adjustable bed can also help to improve your circulation and reduce inflammation within damaged tissue. This means, it not only helps to prevent further back injuries but can also help to support you as you recover from back pain issues over time. Many people who sleep on their side have found that an adjustable mattress helps them to maintain spine alignment while they lay on their preferred area of the bed.

Adjustable Beds Also Help You Get In and Out Easier

Another great benefit of adjustable beds is that you will be able to get in and out of the bed with more ease. The reason being is that the bed can be elevated or lowered based on your unique positional needs, you don’t have to suffer through those aches and pains at night and in the morning when you’re slipping in and out of the bed. It’s one of the reasons that many elderly or even some pregnant women are now choosing to keep an adjustable bed in their home as they begin to experience pain in their spine as a result of changes in their health.

Additions Can Help You Increase Sleep Comfort

While an adjustable bed is considered one of the best ways to improve your sleep comfort if you have been suffering from back pain for some time, it’s not the only addition to your bedroom you’ll need for that comfortable night’s rest. Another great way to improve your sleep is to choose a memory foam mattress. One of the great benefits provided by a memory foam mattress is that the foam is designed to adjust to your shape and sleeping position over time. The foam won’t form lumps that can put pressure in areas across your back. It will stay in position and support you according to the unique structure of your body. For those with back pain, this can help to ensure a soothing night’s sleep over many years.

Considerations Before Buying an Adjustable Bed

So now you know a little more about the benefits an adjustable bed can bring to your home, let’s review some of the considerations you should make before buying a new adjustable bed for sale from Toronto companies:

  • The base is sold separately

When buying an adjustable bed, you should note that the base is often sold separately. The base usually fits a wide range of mattresses and a box spring is not required when buying an adjustable mattress.

  • Consider motor noise

If you sleep next to your partner, adjusting the bed during the evening might be disturbing to the person next to you. Make sure that you review the loudness of the motor within the adjustable mattress before buying the product. Speak to the sales team about the motor and its performance.

  • Review and understand the return policies

An adjustable mattress requires you to be completely comfortable if you are to achieve full value in the long-term. Consider the return policies for the mattress before you make the investment, and make sure that you have the option of returning the product if it doesn’t quite fit your needs over the first few days of use.

  • Analyze the additional components

Beyond the mattress, there are additional components that help form the system. The leading adjustable mattresses come with additions such as whether or not it comes with massage settings. Ensure you know each of the features within the marketplace, and that you select a system offering the best options for your personal use over the years ahead.

Working with a trusted and experienced supplier of quality adjustable mattresses can help you to select the right option for your home needs. Our team works with those that have experienced back pain and helps them to select quality options that will provide exceptional levels of comfort over the years to come. To discover more about our product selection and the adjustable mattresses we offer for those experiencing back pain, please contact our team at Matressville today.

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