How to Choose a Mattress for your Body Type using a Stearns and Foster Mattress Brand

The benefit of a good night’s rest should never be overlooked. Even as we sleep, our body’s serotonin levels are restoring, and our immune system is rejuvenating. Because rest has such a profound impact on the way we function, it is vital that we get enough of it. In order to achieve this level of sleep quality, it’s important to sleep on a mattress that’s right for you. Doing this will increase your level of rejuvenation, but sleeping on the wrong mattress on the other hand, will reduce your level of rejuvenation, leaving you waking up cranky and experiencing back pain. An effective mattress should keep the spine straight while you sleep on your side. For example, you might see a Stearns and Foster mattress put on display in stores for good reasons. They aren’t just on display for their looks, they’re put there so you can test them out by laying down on them. Many individuals trust that simply sitting on a bed will help them judge the mattress they look for. You can’t, in any way, shape, or form, settle on a mattress purchase just by sitting on it.

Most of your time is spent laying down on the mattress, not sitting on it, or sitting on the edge of the mattress, the ideal spot is in the middle. Also, you don’t want to just lie down on the mattress, you also want to lie in your usual sleeping position. If you have a sleep partner, try lying down together on it at the same time to see how well it supports both of you and your weight. And be sure to lie there for at least 15 minutes or so.

Mattress sleep position
Mattress sleep position pressure points

You need to look at 2 important factors; support and comfort. The comfort comes from the padding, which cushions your body from the springs or other support structures, and should mould to your shape. You should aim for the firmest, and most supportive mattress you can find, that is still comfortable, according to all the orthopaedic experts. If the bed is too firm, it will put pressure on the heaviest parts of your body, particularly around the hips, signalling your brain to tell your body to turn over, which results in a night of tossing and turning. If the bed is too soft, this will result in your spine not being aligned properly. Also, your muscles will tense up and have to work hard to make up for the lack of support that your not getting. The support is determined by coil springs inside of the mattress, and should create a proper spine alignment. When you lie on your side, your spine should be in a straight position, when you lie on your back, it should be in a natural curve position.

The springs are what generally makes the mattress most supportive, so it’s important to consider the construction aspect of it. Always ask a salesperson what the coil count is. As an example, a standard twin mattress should have at least 300, a standard queen mattress should have around 375 and a standard king mattress should have 450 at least.

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