Things to Consider before Buying a Mattress

Deciding on which mattress store in Toronto to go with can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of different mattresses to choose from, with different materials, sizes, and price points. There is also no one mattress fits all mattress that exists on the market at the moment, so individual needs and preferences need to be factored in when deciding on which mattress to go with. The goal, then, is to find a wide array of mattresses to choose from.

By doing so, you will have the option to mix and match varying levels of comfort, as well as size, and make your final selection based on surrounding factors, as well as your sleeping position. Here, we break down the things you should consider before you pick the mattress for you or your loved ones. Considering how important sleep is to being productive and happy, we feel that selecting the right mattress is not something that should be taken lightly.


Size matters and there are many sizes to choose from when deciding which mattress to go with. Examples include queen, king, twin, full, and California king. When deciding on which size to go with, you need to factor in the size of your bedroom, and the amount of space available to accommodate a given mattress. You will also need to factor in personal preference, as well as whether or not you will be sharing the bed with someone else.

Take a look at your current sleeping situation and determine if you are happy with it. That is, determine if you are satisfied with the current amount of space available to sleep in. For instance, if you are struggling to sleep because the mattress is not sufficient to accommodate you and your significant other, then perhaps it is to time to upgrade to a bigger size. However, if you sleep in a small room and your current bed is taking up more space than you’d like, then perhaps downgrading to a smaller size may be your best option.


When it comes to picking a mattress, you will quickly discover that there are a plethora of comfort levels to choose from. For instance, some mattresses may be firm or plush while others may be personalized or even contoured. If you want to learn more about which comfort level is right for you, then you can take a look at this Comfort by Color system devised by Mattress Firm.

The system categorizes comfort levels according to various criteria. For instance, the “Extra Firm” comfort level is ideal for people who sleep on their stomachs or backs and need uncompromising stability.

It is also thinner than other mattress types but doesn’t compromise support in the process. In addition, it features an unyielding and dense construction and lacks the extra layers found in thicker mattresses. Moreover, it is fabricated with a foam or innerspring construction and is compatible with softer mattress toppers for people who need extra support but who also don’t want to sacrifice cushioning in the process. By using the Comfort by Color system, you can go into a mattress store in Toronto and immediately find the mattress you are looking for because you will know which category of comfort you fall under.


You also need to factor in your sleeping position before you decide on which mattress to go with. For instance, some people fall asleep on their side, while others sleep on their backs. Some people prefer to sleep on their stomachs while others prefer to sleep on their fronts. There are also those that toss and turn throughout the night, switching or moving their sleeping position frequently throughout the course of a night.

By determining your sleep position, you can narrow down your mattress selection quickly and effectively. For instance, if you discover that you usually sleep on your side, then a pillow-top or plush mattress may be ideal for you: This is because those types greatly support the natural curve of the human spine. Moreover, a mattress with a firmer comfort level would naturally be very uncomfortable for a side sleeper, so determining your ideal sleep position is paramount before you make a mattress selection.


Did you know that temperature also plays a crucial role in the quality of sleep? Heat settings, heavy comforters, and the mattress that you use will affect how well you sleep every night, and the quality of sleep isn’t just affected by hot summer temperatures either. Traditional memory foam and pillow tops are great if you want a warm night’s sleep, while Serta currently sells the iComfort mattress that uses state of the art cooling technology.

It allows sleepers to enjoy a comfortable sleeping temperature throughout the night. As such, if you are a person that is prone to heating up during the night, then the iComfort mattress can help you cool off so that you sleep comfortably throughout the night.


Back pain has reached epidemic levels in Canada. With millions of Canadians suffering from debilitating back pain, choosing the right mattress is very important. The wrong fit can exacerbate pain while the right fit can alleviate it.

For instance, if you are someone who suffers from lower back pain, then your best option is a firm mattress: This is because a firm mattress will help keep your back properly aligned. It is recommended that you are honest and transparent when you shop for a mattress, addressing any pain issues that you have so that the salesman can help pick the absolute best mattress to help deal with your pain.

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