The Importance of Good Sleep In Your Life

When your body isn’t getting the rest and rejuvenation it requires, it can start to feel like a battery that’s desperately in need of a recharge. No matter how much fuel or caffeine you attempt to consume – that recharge is the only thing that can make you feel whole again. Sleep is one of the most vital components to your health and wellbeing. From digestion to stress management and memory to the replenishment of cells – sleep is the key ingredient. So if you’re one of those people that oppose sleep or simply struggle to get a decent amount of shut-eye each night – it’s time you address it. Here’s why:


Reduces Stress


Now more than ever, the demands of life – work, cleaning, running the kids from one activity to the next – are increasingly demanding and creating a schedule that seems to run on a near 24-hour basis.  With little or no space on that schedule left for any downtime for yourself, your brain and body can easily get burnt out and high-wired all at the same time.


That creates the perfect combo for sleep deficiency to occur. When that does, your body automatically goes into a state of stress and your bodily functions become hyped up. That means high blood pressure, increased hormones, along with a much higher risk of heart attacks and stroke.


Keeps your Heart Healthy


Numerous studies have also shown a strong link between the effects of sleep deficiency and a correlation between heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. Since a lack of sleep pushes your body into a state of stress, that constant state can place too much pressure on your blood vessels, your heart, and compromise your overall health.


Helps to Reduce Inflammation


For those who experience inflammation, no matter what form it may take, you know just how debilitating it can be. But take a look at your sleep patterns to see how much shut-eye you’re getting on average each night. If you’re not getting the proper amount of at least 8 hours, that inflammation can result as your stress hormones increase. So it becomes a vicious cycle of gaining enough sleep due to inflammation, when often it’s that lack of sleep that could be greatly contributing to the inflammation in the first place.


Sleep deficiency is not something that should be swept to the sidelines or masked by the consumption of a caffeine overload. It’s a serious problem that can cause a significant amount of damage to your health over time. So if you’re struggling to get more than 7 hours of sleep each night, take a look at the factors that could be causing this. Something as simple as your mattress could be the culprit, which means there’s a simple solution. Give your body and mind the best possible chance at gaining a restful night sleep by taking the time to figure out what may be causing your sleep deprivation.


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