Why You Should Invest in a Memory Foam Mattress

The quality of your sleep impacts your overall health and wellbeing. That is why when it comes to selecting a mattress, you want to make the best choice for yourself.

If you’ve been sleeping on the same mattress for over eight years, it is time to upgrade. One of the most comfortable and durable options on the market is memory foam. There are several reasons that people opt for a memory foam mattress. Here are the main advantages:

  1. Support

    Memory foam is able to adjust and mould to your specific body and sleeping pattern. This means that you get the best support for your rest. While memory foam offers overall body support that can keep your body more comfortable overnight, but it also offers extra relief for your joints. This is because, by design, memory foam does not put extra pressure on your body.

  2. Spine alignment

    A memory foam mattress evenly spreads your body weight across the bed. This offers extra support for your back and spine while you sleep. Most mattresses can put pressure on your joints. This means your shoulders, hips and heels support your weight. If you like to sleep on your back or your side, you won’t get the best support on a spring or coil mattress. This can lead to lower back pain or muscle aches. If you are sore when you wake up in the morning, you will likely benefit from a memory foam mattress.

  3. Suitable for all sleeping positions

    Whether you prefer to sleep on your back, side or stomach, a memory foam mattress will offer you complete support. The mattress will distribute weight evenly to ensure that you are not only comfortable but that no part of your body is put under stress by having too much pressure placed on it. That means, if you sleep on your stomach, the foam mattress can adjust to your position and prevent any back pain.

    If you sleep on your side, the mattress can prevent your shoulders and hips from extra pressure. However, if you are a back-sleeper, memory foam supports the curve of your spine and prevents any pain that can result from a lack of alignment.

  4. Comfort for couples

    One of the biggest advantages of memory foam is that it absorbs movement. So, if one person moves a lot during the night it won’t disturb the other person in bed. This makes it an ideal mattress for couples who both need a good night’s sleep.

  5. Anti-allergy

    Beds have the ability to attract dust and other pollutants. This can make trying to sleep difficult. If you suffer from itchy, watery eyes and sneezing when you are in bed it could be the amount of dust that has gathered in your mattress. A memory foam mattress’ density prohibits allergens from gathering inside the mattress. Other mattress types can also attract dust mites, but the design of a memory foam mattress discourages dust mites from living in them. This is because memory foam mattresses do not have coils or springs. It makes them the best option for those with allergies.

  6. Simple to clean

    When it comes to caring and cleaning your mattress, the job is easy with a memory foam mattress. By rotating it a few times a year and vacuuming it on occasion, there is little upkeep. Compared to other mattresses that need to be flipped more regularly or washed clean often, a memory foam mattress is low-maintenance.

  7. Temperature

    Memory foam mattresses have been designed to respond differently depending on the temperature in the room. This means if the room is cooler, the mattress will be more firm. In warmer temperatures, it becomes softer and more elastic. This helps keep your body at a comfortable temperature for sleeping. For those with warmer body temperature, there are also memory foam mattresses with a built-in cooling feature.

  8. Durability

    Mattresses are a major purchase. It is recommended that you change your mattress every 10 years, which can be a long time to sleep with poor support. Memory foam mattresses are known for their durability. This makes it more of an investment in your health and comfort than other types of mattresses that can wear out easier.

  9. Fits adjustable beds

    Memory foam mattresses can come in different styles and sizes and even fit most adjustable beds. This means that you can get a good night’s sleep without having to give up the convenience of an adjustable bed. Whether the bed is raised or flat, the memory foam mattress is able to support the body and distribute weight evenly for a comfortable sleep without agitating your body’s pressure points.

Finding the Right Memory Foam Mattress

There are a variety of memory foam mattresses on the market, which means consumers are more likely to find one that suits their sleep style. When searching for a memory foam mattress, it is helpful to understand the different types. These are:

  1. Traditional

    This is the most common type of memory foam mattress available. It was the first style and remains the most popular. It has been designed to adjust to any body shape and sleeping pattern. This offers the most comfortable rest for individuals. It is also capable of absorbing motion so that you are not disturbed if your partner has a restless night.

  2. Open-cell

    Created to reduce the heat absorption of a traditional style memory foam, open-cell allows air to move more freely through the mattress.

  3. Gel-infused

    These types of memory foam mattresses have gel pumped inside that helps regulate temperature better. These mattresses are better at absorbing heat and can adjust to your body’s changing temperature throughout the night.

Getting a good night’s rest is important for your health and wellbeing. Investing in a memory foam mattress can be one of the best ways to ensure you get a suitable and comfortable sleep. By supporting your body, absorbing motion and preventing pressure on your joints and other vulnerable areas, memory foam mattresses are the best choice for your bed.

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