Considering buying a memory foam mattress in Toronto?

When it comes to a mattress purchase it’s always wise to find out as much information as possible before making one, especially when you are considering to purchase a memory foam mattress in Toronto.

Let’s talk about interesting facts about memory foam technology and where it actually came from

1) Origin

Memory Foma was developed in 1966 by NASA’s Ames Research Center to improve the safety of aircraft cushions and to offer extra support against the high pressure of G-force as they rocketed into outer space.

2) Use in the bedding industry

Although memory foam wasn’t initially intended to be used in the bedding industry. It was only in the 1990s that memory foam extended into the consumer market and when the benefits of sleeping on memory foam were recognized the memory foam mattresses gained huge popularity.  Right now it’s hard to imagine any mattress shop without a memory foam mattress.

3) Benefits of The Space Age Technology 

The significant difference of memory foam is its ability to support our entire body weight while reducing the pressure points and motion transfer. Memory foam also molds to our unique body shape, increases blood circulation and keeps our spine in the proper alignment lessening the chance of waking up during our sleep.

4) Different Types of Memory Foam

There are different formulas and combinations that are used in the process of manufacturing memory foam mattresses. While they all leave a handprint when you push down on them, they each feature their own unique properties that make a difference in the way they feel. Let’s take a look at the most popular of them:


Traditional Memory Foam – reacts to your body heat and therefore tends to sleep hot

Memory foam, in general, responds to heat and pressure. When you lay on the mattress, memory foam layer softens as your body heat has a chance to make its way into the layers but unable to disperse heat.


Open Cell Memory Foam –  offers air flow with small air passages to stay cool

Small air passages allow air to easily breathe through the product rather than simply becoming trapped. When you lay on the mattress, it forces air through these passages.


Gel Memory Foam – gel infused memory foam is another option for those concerned with the inability of traditional memory foam to disperse heat.

Gel Memory Foam usually infused with gel beads. Those gel beads absorb heat and help to disperse it. However, they reach the point where they can absorb no more and at this point, you can expect your mattress to heat up a little bit.


Whether it’s a traditional memory foam, gel memory foam or open cell foam, in the end, it all comes to your personal preference of comfort level, firmness, price range and sleeping position.  You can browse our selection of memory foam mattresses and see what suits you best.




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