A missing cat was finally found after spending 64 days inside a Stearns and Foster mattress

The family first thought they’d lost their cat, since it had gone missing while they were packing to move 3,000 miles across the US, but were shocked when they found their pet after 64 days, who had been trapped inside their Stearns and Foster mattress.

Their 2 year old tabby cat named Moosie disappeared when the husband boxed up their belongings in preparation for their move to El Paso, Texas.

It was heartbreaking for them thinking that they had lost Moosie.

But then in early June, when the family’s belongings arrived at their new home, they heard a meow coming from inside the box, Moosie had put everything he had into his meow, just to let them know he was there.

It’s remarkable that Moosie survived after being trapped for approximately two months without food or water.

Although he had survived the ordeal, he suffered from severe dehydration and a some liver damage, but his vet still felt he was in pretty good condition, all things considered.

Prior to being with his current owner, Moosie was a stray cat that was first discovered by cat protection workers. After scanning his microchip, he was found to be originally from Australia.

Moosie’s health is completely back to normal now, and questions surrounding this Australian bred cat’s remarkable survival remains unanswered.

An investigation into Moosie’s origins is now under-way to study the phenomenon of how a 2 year old tabby cat could’ve possibly survived such an ordeal.

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