Considering making an Organic Latex Mattress Purchase in Toronto?

Most Mattresses aren’t really Eco-friendly. The majority are made with artificial materials or foam, which aren’t biodegrade. Natural cotton or wool stuffing can be processed with pesticides and other chemicals, some of them possibly carcinogenic.

The smell that can potentially leave you awake, is a cocktail of chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are associated with skin discomfort and respiratory problems. For example, a conventional mattress can have up to 61 VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which can emit gases while you sleep, from body heat and movement.

Experts continue to be unassertive about what exposure levels cause a threat. Others claim that any exposure should be as limited as possible. Although the amount people inhale is extremely small, the exposure adds up. Purchasing an Organic Latex Mattress in Toronto is a good way to reduce the toxins you inhale while sleeping. Fumes are most powerful in the first few weeks, so it also helps to let your brand new bed air-out in a spare room with an open window before sleeping on it.

There is absolutely no government standard for mandatory Eco-friendly mattresses. Manufacturers use materials that are renewable and natural, however there is not much standardization. In our quest for the best quality products, we came across mattresses made with castor petrol, aloe vera, green-tea infusions, and bamboo.

When shopping, ignore words like eco and natural. Instead, seek out companies that clarify ingredients and indicate where materials are sourced. Even better, look for third-party qualifications. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is the largest voluntary third-party documentation for textiles free from harmful substances, and Global Organic Textile Standard certifies that a natural fibre was grown organically and refined sustain-ably.

The good news is that options once limited to size and firmness now include environmental options as well. If you like an innerspring mattress, steel coils surrounded by tiers of fluffy padding, you can rest easy on mattresses made from organic Egyptian cotton and wool, with steel coils that are not coated in chemicals. If you like a solid-foam bed, you can opt for latex, made from the milky sap of silicone trees. It would almost seem as though sleeping on something made from coconut husk materials or natural silicone, would feel like napping in Gilligan’s hammock.

If you possess a $2000 to $3,000 budget, then purchasing a top quality mattress containing Organic and natural materials is very likely. Memory-foam mattresses have replaced a few of the usual fabricated latex with soy. And foam mattresses with 30 percent natural plant oils, are one of the best percentages on the market; and it uses drinking water to broaden the foam rather than relying only on solvents, like most companies; and it created a flame retardant derived from sea sand, keeping you free from most chemical additives.

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