What Size Mattress Should You Buy?

Making the decision to buy a mattress from your local Toronto store may take some time. There are many elements to consider: how firm do you require the mattress to be? What material should be the mattress be made from? Another leading consideration is the size of the mattress. It’s a topic that many have found themselves researching when reviewing the mattress shopping process. In this new post, we’ll explain a little more about mattress sizing and the elements to consider when selecting the right mattress for your home needs.

The Various Size Options

There are multiple sizes of mattress to consider when reviewing the marketplace. The most common options are queen and double. Double had long been the most common mattresses for family homes in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Because homes were smaller decades ago, smaller mattresses often made sense in terms of their fit within the bedroom design. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the queen-size mattress gained popularity. In today’s market, the queen is the most popular sizing option.

Queen-size beds are often the ideal choice because they fit most bedrooms and are large enough to give both people the space they need to enjoy uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. Couples often still choose to sleep on a double bed, however, when they are both shorter than 5’ 5” and only have a smaller amount of space to use within their bedroom. Sheets for the double bed are also more affordable, giving you more room in your budget for other home decor.

King Size Mattress an Open for Modern Homes

In the last decade, king-size mattresses have become one of the more popular choices for the home. Within the king-size bed, each person has as much room as they would if they were in their own twin bed, as the king mattress allows for a feeling of comfort and luxury not provided by other options. Within the choices of king-size mattress, there are two distinct styles – standard and California king. The California king mattress is the longest available.

One of the drawbacks of king mattresses is they’re not easy to move around the home. This can create problems during the delivery of the product, as it can be difficult to take them around corners and up stairs. In addition, there might not be enough space within the bedroom to accommodate the king mattress. And so it’s important for couples to measure their rooms carefully in order to determine whether the king is the requisite size and style for their home. A further element to consider when selecting the king mattress is that bedding can be more expensive and couples may also need to buy extra long pillows to maintain a line of pillows across the entire width of the bed.
Many sleep doctors are now recommending king-size mattresses to those who struggle with sleeping throughout the night. This size of mattress offers the best opportunity for full rest and recuperation.

A Guide to Buying Your New Mattress

Now you have a little more information about the sizes available and the choices within the marketplace, it’s time to plan the purchase of your new mattress. Below are the several steps you should take when shopping:

  • Measure your home space

Whether the mattress is for a den in your home or for the bedroom space, make sure you measure the home area carefully before reviewing the mattress options. Speak with your local mattress specialists to find out more information about how to measure the room correctly. One important consideration is the size of the doorway. Will you be able to easily slide the mattress through the door given the space available?

  • Set a clear budget

Before you speak with in-store teams and discuss the purchase of your mattress, you should set a clear budget for the process. The budget should be chosen based on the style of mattress you require and the current room within your shopping budget. With many mattress options available, there’s a product at your price-point and within your budget.

  • Research online first

One of the most common mistakes shoppers make when buying a mattress is beginning their search in the Toronto mattress store. This can often lead to choosing the wrong product because you don’t have all the information available about the brand, the mattress material, and the warranty. Ensure you complete your research online before stepping into the store. Beginning online will allow you to ask questions of experts and build a list of qualities you require from the mattress. It will also allow you to review the manufacturer’s brand and the history behind their company, helping you to achieve full value for your investment.

  • Test the mattresses in store

Before you make your final decision, ensure you test the mattresses in store to ensure they’re the right choice for your home. A leading difficulty that many face is that they don’t touch the mattress before they purchase. This can lead to a number of issues with the product’s quality that will only be discovered when touching the piece and speaking with an expert directly.

  • Discuss warranty options

You should have a number of warranty options available to you when buying a mattress from a local store. Warranties should cover any manufacturing defects that might arise during normal use. The warranty might also include issues with comfort. Some Toronto mattress stores offer a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product when you test it out in your home. And so you should ensure you know all the details before you agree to the purchase.

Working with a trusted mattress expert can help you to find the right piece for your home and at the ideal price. While the process may take some time, it will be worth the investment with every night’s sleep that you enjoy thanks to the new addition to your home. To discover more about the industry and on our tips for buying your next mattress, please contact our team today.

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