Tips for Selecting a Mattress for a Guest Room

When choosing a mattress for your guest room, it can be a bit harder to make the right call than with your own. You might be entertaining a variety of guests and what might be comfy for one might prove torture for another. You also have to consider the size of the room, whether or not you are accommodating a pull-out in a multipurpose room, and how many people might have to sleep in the bed. With all of these things to consider, here are our tips to help make your decision a little easier.

Sleep Comfort

There are many factors at play when it comes to a good night’s sleep. Here are some things to consider when choosing a mattress that will keep your guests comfortable:

  1. Cooling and airflow

If you think your guests will be visiting frequently in the summer months and you don’t have air conditioning, a mattress that has cooling properties is a good idea. The coolest mattresses are usually coil and latex. You can also find beds with gel tops that are designed to provide extra cooling. The hottest mattresses tend to be memory foam, so if going for foam choose one with a gel or copper-infused top.

  1. Motion

Some mattresses tend to move when sleeping more than one person. If you tend to host couples, or if you have to double-up on accommodation, finding a mattress that is less disruptive is a good idea. Memory foam mattresses are known to be the best for this.

  1. Easily accessible

For those who might have mobility issues, beds that sink too much can prove to be a problem. If you know your guests might be your elderly parents, memory foam would not be a good idea. Instead, latex or coil mattresses would be best.

  1. Support

You never know what will be comfortable for someone when it comes to sleeping, however, if you know your guests have lower back issues, you should consider something with more support for their spine. A high-density memory foam mattress is your best bet if this is the case.


When buying a mattress for yourself or with a partner, you can try the mattress yourself, however, a guest room must cater to different people, which can be a challenge. With this in mind, going for a medium-firm mattress will avoid dramatic differences and hopefully provide firmness that works for most people.


There are so many new materials being used for mattresses these days it can be a little overwhelming. Here is an overview of your choices:

  1. Memory Foam

Memory foam is an excellent choice for guest beds as they contour to the shape of the user’s body. They offer good support but can also be very expensive.

  1. Latex

This is similar to memory foam but is a more environmentally-friendly, if you choose natural latex. While natural latex is pricier, it is also more durable.

  1. Coil

This is probably the mattress you are most familiar with, which has springy coils that give when you lie down. Some people might find these mattresses too firm, or that they sag in the wrong place.

  1. Hybrid

These can be a mixture of many different materials, which is ideal when buying a mattress for yourself as you can get the perfect comfort level. However, because they are more expensive, they are not the best choice for guest beds.

Frequency of Use

This is an important one because the more often you have overnight guests, the better-quality mattress you will require. Infrequent use will make the mattress last longer, whereas frequent use will wear the mattress down. If you are rarely entertaining overnight guests, then you can probably get away with a lower quality mattress.

Bed Size

The size of your bed will, of course, be dictated by the size of your guest room. Unless it’s an extended stay, your guests will only be in the room for sleeping. This means you might be able to squeeze in a slightly larger size than you would for a permanent bedroom.

If the room is a multipurpose space, such as an office, you have to be more careful because you don’t want to be crowded out by an oversized bed. You might even want to consider some form of pull-out bed, so the room doesn’t feel cramped. As you will be using the room more than anyone, make sure the bed you choose suits your purposes too.

As a rule, you consider all the other furniture pieces you will have to place in the room before the bed. Figure out the best layout for everything and then measure the spot where the bed will fit best. Don’t forget to allow enough room for people to get in and out of the bed. Ideally, you will want to have at least a double- or a queen-size bed.


Once you know the size you need, consider how much you are willing to spend. Your mattress won’t be used as often, which means it will last longer. This also means you can possibly skimp a little on quality if you are faced with budget constraints. Also, consider what is more important to you, size, comfort, or quality. Considering that you can’t buy the ideal comfort level for everyone, the bigger size will help keep them more comfortable.

Check Reviews

Online reviews make it easier to see what mattresses people are happy with and which ones to avoid. You can then compare based on price and make a shortlist of mattresses suited to your budget.

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