What’s Your Sleep Style and What Does it Say About You?

Nothing is better than a good night’s sleep. But so much goes into how well you sleep. One of the most interesting factors is your sleeping position. When you get into bed, you aren’t giving much thought to the position you will sleep in, yet it does have some interesting influence on a number of things in your life. Here is a look at how your sleeping position affects your sleep and your personality.

There are three categories of sleep:

1. Stomach

About 37% of the population sleeps on their stomach. Although it can help with snoring, it can cause other issues such as neck and back pain. Stomach positions include:

The Fetal Position
If you aren’t familiar with the term “fetal position”, the position mimics a baby in the confined space of the womb. It is actually the most common sleeping position, which is kind of sad as it is a sign you are not happy with your life. It acts as a protective position, an unconscious reaction to the feeling life is throwing a lot of unpleasant things your way.

Sleeping position - The fatal position

From a sleep perspective, this position causes the least amount of sleep interruptions while also keeping the spine aligned. In some cases it can cause hip pain, but this can be avoided by sleeping with a pillow between your legs. This is also a good position for pregnant women as it improves circulation for baby while preventing pressure on your liver.

From a personality standpoint, it shows you are a very sensitive person who avoids opening up to other people out of fear of getting hurt. However, it also shows you are warm and friendly, despite this tough outer exterior.

The Freefall Position
In this position, you lie on your stomach and tend to hug your pillow beneath your head. It is a great position for snorers as it eases pressure on the airways. Unfortunately, this is one of the most uncomfortable positions as it increases your risk of neck and back pain. This is because all your sensitive muscles are crunched and the curve of your spine is flattened.

Sleeping position - The freefall position

To protect your neck from pain, sleep with your forehead on the edge of a soft pillow facing downward instead of facing to the side. This keeps your airways open and relieves neck stress and back pain.

The freefall sleeper is an adventurous risk-taker who lives for fun. The freefall position shows you are very social, yet are very hesitant at sharing secrets. This means you are very good at hiding your feelings from others. You also do not take criticism well despite your own habit of being quite outspoken.

2. Back

Approximately 37% of people sleep on their backs. This can lead to lower back pain or aggravate existing back pain. It is also the worst possible position for snoring and sleep apnea. That said, there are some good things about sleeping on your back. It keeps your head, neck, and spine in a neutral position, which reduces the risk of neck pain. It can also be the best position if you suffer from heartburn, as long as you keep your head elevated. The sleeping positions for the back are:

Sleepy Soldier
If you sleep in this position, you’ll look like a soldier standing at attention, hence the name. It is the worst position for snoring, but nonetheless is one of the best sleeping positions overall. It keeps your back and neck aligned and your weight evenly distributed, making it ideal for neck and back health. This is because there is less pressure on your spine, so you are less likely to suffer from pain. It assists with stomach issues such as reflux and can even help lessen the signs of premature aging.

Sleeping style - Sleepy soldier

Unfortunately, when sleeping on your back, gravity forces your tongue to the back of your throat, restricting your airways which leads to snoring. If this becomes a problem for your partner, they can try to urge you to change positions when things get too loud.

Sleepy soldiers are strong, silent types who rarely make a fuss. They thrive on structure and take themselves seriously, which means they can also have high expectations for those around them.

The Shooting Star
In this position, you lie with outstretched arms and legs just like a star. Very few people sleep in this position. Like the sleepy soldier, this position increases the risk of snoring. It can help with tummy issues such as acid reflux.

sleeping style - The shooting star

Much like the unconventional nature of this sleep position, you are probably quite unusual and unconventional yourself. Shooting stars are fiercely loyal and always put their relationships first. They are supportive, good listeners, and always willing to go above and beyond to help.

3. Side Sleepers

Side sleepers are more commonly women. It tends to be an excellent position for pregnant women as it assists with healthy circulation for mom and baby. It is also perfect for snorers. On the negative side, it can be aggravating for arthritis and can also sometimes restrict the diaphragm, making deep breathing difficult. Side sleeping positions include:

The Log Roller
In this position, your legs are extended straight and arms are curled beside your head or by your sides. It is comfortable as it keeps your neck and back in alignment so you can avoid pain. However, you might experience some arm numbness or neck and shoulder pain if your pillows are not properly positioned. Just make sure you place a pillow under your arms or hug your pillow to avoid issues.

sleeping style - Side Sleepers

Log sleepers are very social. An easy going disposition makes it easy to get along with everyone, but you tend to hang with the popular crowd. Your trusting nature can often come across as gullibility.

The Yearning Dreamer
This position is similar to the log roller with one exception. The arm position is outstretched like you are walking in your sleep or reaching for something. There is little difference in the comfort level or possible issues between this position and the log roller.

sleeping style - The yearning dreamer

If you sleep in this position, chances are you are an open person with a tendency to be a little more suspicious when it comes to meeting new people or forming new friendships. Perhaps because of the delayed trust, once your trust is gained, you become a very reliable friend. You take your time when it comes to making decisions, but you stick to your decisions once you have made them.

Although this does not cover every possible sleeping position, it provides a good overview to help you learn about how your sleeping position affects your sleep and your personality.

Regardless of your sleeping position, a high quality mattress is a must for a good night’s sleep.

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