Why You Should Buy Your Next Mattress Online

Testing a Mattress In-Store

Although the idea of buying a mattress without testing it may seem foolish to some, testing a mattress in a retail store may not be as beneficial as you think. Yes, getting the feel for different styles of mattresses – memory foam, pillow top, innerspring – can help you get an idea for which will be the most comfortable for your body, but testing a mattress in-store presents some unexpected challenges that can make the results unreliable:

  • The in-store model will be more worn-in than the new model, which can have an impact on how soft or supportive it feels
  • Testing a mattress in a stressful, public environment prevents you from fully relaxing as you would at home
  • Different pillows and blankets will have a significant impact on your comfort, and your favourite pillows will make a big difference
  • Uncomfortable clothing, compared to pajamas, can skew the test results

Basically, while testing a mattress in-store seems like a necessary step, floor models rarely offer reliable results. Unless you buy the exact mattress you test, the new mattress you purchase will likely feel different than the floor model. If you have an idea of the type of mattress you want, online mattress sales present a number of benefits that retail stores simply cannot match, even with the ability to test it in the store.

An Alternative to Retail Mattresses

Online mattress stores offer a wide variety of benefits compared to retail locations. In fact, the trend of scrapping retail stores and operating solely online has revolutionized the mattress industry. Here are a few benefits online mattress stores offer consumers:

  • Low overhead costs mean more affordable mattresses

Since online stores do not have retail locations, they save a fortune in overhead expenses such as rental space, utilities, and commission costs. These savings are passed on to the customer, resulting in drastically reduced rates compared to retail stores.

  • Online stores purchase in bulk from the manufacturer

Online mattress stores buy their inventory in bulk directly from the manufacturers. Bulk mattresses can be purchased at a significantly reduced price, which further reduces the price for consumers.

  • No pushy salespeople fighting for your commission

Not only is purchasing a mattress online cheaper than in-store, but you also don’t have to deal with pushy salespeople who are fighting for your commission and trying to up-sell you to maximize their earnings. In-store purchases can feel rushed and overwhelming. However, online purchases can be made in the comfort of your own home, and you have the time to do all the research you want, so you won’t feel pressured to buy.

  • You don’t have to worry about transporting it

Most online mattress stores offer free shipping, so you don’t have to worry about paying expenses delivery costs or struggle to get your new mattress home yourself. With an online purchase, simply sit back and wait until it gets delivered.

Tips for Buying an Untested Mattress

While purchasing a new mattress online offers a variety of benefits compared to retails stores, there are still a few ways you can maximize your savings and make sure you are happy with the mattress you choose. Here are some tips for finding the perfect mattress online:

  • Research bed styles to find your optimal mattress

By doing thorough research into the different types of mattresses and mattress covers, you can find the optimal mattress for your sleeping style. Some people prefer the soft, cozy feel of thick memory foam, while those with sore backs may prefer a firm mattress that retains its shape and offers enhanced support. Once you have an idea of your ideal mattress type, you can find great online deals.

  • Dig deep for the best deals

The mattress and furniture industry is famous for having clearance sales and drastically reduced prices on a regular basis. Online stores are no different, as it is often beneficial for them to sell mattresses at a fraction of their cost in order to free up storage space for other inventory. Take advantage of these sales by scouring the net for the best deals you can find on your dream mattress.

  • Factor in shipping costs and possible return fees

When researching online mattress sales, it is important to research the company from whom you are making the purchase. Some online companies do not offer free shipping or have other hidden fees, so it is important to look at any contract before purchasing. Especially with long-term financing and warranty information, be sure you understand the agreement before buying. It is also worth reading reviews of the company before buying, as for online stores, customer service is crucial. Make sure you are comfortable with the company before you pay for anything.

  • Inquire about trial periods, warranties, refunds, and money-back guarantees

Similar to shipping costs and other hidden fees, it is important to inquire about other details of the contract. Most online companies will offer long trial periods, allowing you to sleep on your new mattress for a period – say 90 nights – with the option to return the mattress for a full refund if you are not satisfied. When buying online, having the option to return your mattress if you are not satisfied is critical, so be sure to read the fine print before buying.

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