You’ve Never Slept Better: 5 Luxurious Benefits of Pocket Coil Mattresses

There’s nothing like a good night’s rest to feel energized, refreshed, and eager to take on a new day. But did you know that restful sleep goes beyond getting the recommended number of hours, sleeping with the right pillows that provide adequate support, and sleeping the right way? In fact, one of the most important aspects of a good night’s sleep is the bed you sleep on itself.

Is your bed giving you sweet dreams and treating you like the king or queen that you are? Make sure you have the right bed for your needs, starting with checking out the benefits of a pocket coil mattress.

What’s a pocket coil mattress?

Fact is, not all beds were created equal, and some are more superior than others. If you’ve ever wondered why your back hurts when you wake up or you still don’t feel rested even after getting enough sleep, it’s time to check out the latest mattress sale.

Pocket coil mattresses are the king of comfort these days and it’s because of their durable and dynamic setup that supports deep, restful sleep. To start, pocket coil mattresses are engineered with cooling technology, advanced motion isolation, and pressure relief. Under several layers of top-grade fibre, latex cushioning, and foam are coils or springs made of tempered steel which are then fitted into individual pockets or socks. These pockets are sealed and integrated with their neighbouring pockets until they form a rectangular unit — or a mattress according to your preferred size.

This technology is used to engineer every single pocket coil mattress and is exactly what sets it apart from any other mattress out there. For you, this means the best sleep every night, for the rest of your life. Find out about the other luxurious benefits of a pocket coil mattress:

Individually Crafted Coils

The strength of pocket coil mattresses lies in one key part; the coil itself. Each one of them is crafted using high-carbon steel and flexes separately to provide complete and balanced support from head to toe. This creates a stable structure that can support any number of sleeping positions as the mattress follows the contours of your body. You won’t ever deal with “sleeping on the wrong side” and waking up tired and barely rested.

If you’re sharing a bed with your partner or kids, you’ll also be happy to know that the individualized support provided by pocket coils means that you’re less likely to wake them up when you toss and turn or get up to use the washroom late at night. Thanks to the individualized coils, motion transfer is markedly reduced, so you won’t have to worry about disrupting their sleep when you move in the night and end up fighting over coffee in the morning. You’re welcome.

Add to reduced motion transfer and excellent support for any sleeping position is a decrease in the “rolling effect”. The rolling effect happens as two people on a bed roll together, usually towards the heavier partner, or rolling off the bed itself. But with pocket coil mattresses, this is much less likely to happen as the coils provide individualized support, which then minimizes disturbances if one of you gets up in the middle of the night.

Balanced Tension

In pocket coil mattresses, coils are categorized into soft, medium, and firm. These coils are grouped together based on their tension level.

For instance, more responsive springs may be placed at the bottom of a pocket coil mattress where the feet usually are; in contrast, coils in the center may be either softer or firmer, depending on what special features the mattress is designed to have, such as back support or soft, luxurious comfort. In any case, a pocket coil mattress is guaranteed to react to how your body moves and follow its natural contours while supporting your medical and lifestyle needs.

Luxurious Sleep

Pocket coil mattresses are designed with plush cushioning and luxurious padding to give you the rest you deserve after a long day. The beautiful fabric looks sleek and elegant, and with the plush cushioning, you’ll definitely feel like the king or queen that you truly are. Go ahead, indulge yourself in a luxury pocket coil mattress — this might be your best health and wellness investment yet. You can enjoy this luxury for a reasonable price; just scout the right stores in Mississauga that are offering the best brands.

Cool Comfort

Mattresses in good condition should be able to let air circulate. This is especially helpful during the summer, as the sweltering heat can make it hard to sleep.

Pocket coil mattresses provide cool comfort, as the design allows air to flow smoothly between the sealed coils. This means that the mattress retains much-needed coolness, especially during the hot months. The result is the best, most comfortable sleep of your life even as the seasons change.

Sweet, Durable Dreams

Sweet dreams are only possible when you get a good night’s rest — and with a top-quality pocket coil mattress, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t enjoy sweet dreams every night. With appropriate support and luxurious padding, you can enjoy the health benefits of good, restful sleep. With sales right around the corner in Mississauga, your next good night’s sleep shouldn’t be a luxury, but it will definitely still feel like one when you find the right pocket coil mattress. Designed for utmost durability, you can trust that this lasting investment will give you the rest you need for years to come, and even buy you back the years you lost with old, lumpy mattresses.

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